What Exactly Is the United Nations Development Corporation?

The 18 acres of prime real estate located along the East River that serves as the headquarters of the United Nations (U.N.) is unlike other property in New York City. What makes it unique is its status as international territory belonging to the 193 nations that are members of the U.N.

Playing host to an international organization where people from all over the world must be free to travel and move about freely has not been an easy task for government officials in New York City and New York State. During his tenure as a member of the board of directors of the United Nations Development Corporation, William Mulrow learned first-hand of how complex a simple transaction such as leasing office space becomes when it involves the U.N. or its member states.

Because of its international territory status, the U.N. operates beyond the controls of its host nation, but the real estate needs of the organization and its members far exceed the space available at its 18-acre riverside site. Unlike other organizations that lease office space or other forms of real estate, the U.N. requires full control over the offices and buildings it leases, but it still needs the police, fire and other services from local governments that other tenants receive. Providing the services to an international organization operating within the United States forced the state of New York to create a new agency.

New York created the United Nations Development Corporation to develop and manage real estate in a special development district created under state law that is located in the vicinity of the headquarters of the U.N. The corporation works to meet and satisfy the needs of the U.N., its member nations and city, state and local governments. One of the first things the corporation did was to reach an agreement with the U.N. in which the international organization agreed to comply with federal, state and local laws with regard to its occupancy of real estate in the special district.

A major project undertaken by the United Nations Development Corporation involved the development of three office buildings and a new office tower on First Avenue and 41 Street in New York City to be occupied by UNICEF and other U.N. agencies. The completed complex will include a hotel, restaurants and a health club. Development of the new facilities allows the U.N. to consolidate operations that are spread out throughout the development district into a single building. New York City benefits by the increased rents it can charge the U.N. in municipality-owned buildings located within the district.

The innovative development undertaken by the United Nations Development Corporation is indicative of the type of leadership for which William Mulrow is known. Whether in the private sector or serving on the board of a public agency, Mulrow looks beyond problems to find a solution.

William Mulrow Proves His Leadership Abilities

Leadership is a process in which a person recruits others to accomplish a common goal. Personality traits, charisma and intelligence have been linked to what makes some people good leaders. Researchers have determined that qualities of leadership do not change from situation to situation.

William Mulrow has demonstrated his leadership abilities over a career spanning 30 years. Whether taking on the responsibilities of leading a government agency or taking on the position of a Senior Managing Director of the leading alternative investment and advisory firm in the world, Mulrow has proven himself to be a leader time and time again.

William Mulrow Benefits from His Academic Career

The Master in Public Administration at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University is designed to help professionals and students achieve the knowledge and skills they need to assume leadership roles in public and private sector positions. As a graduate of the Harvard Kennedy School, William Mulrow exemplifies the leadership skills the program of study envisioned in its graduates.

¬†Mulrow’s public sector positions in state, city and county government agencies in the State of New York and his rise to senior management positions in the corporate world pay tribute to the public administration program at Harvard.

Appreciates the Role of the United Nations

Headquartered in New York, the geographic boundaries of the United Nations limit where offices and other facilities needed to complete its important work can be located. The United Nations Development Corporation (UNDC) was created to help the U.N. community to meet its office space and other real estate needs while remaining in compliance with geographic limitations. As the former director of the UNDC, William Mulrow knows the important role the corporation plays as liaison coordinating the needs of the U.N., the City of New York, and the State of New York.

Corporations Look for Executives Like William Mulrow to be Directors

A corporation’s board of director is responsible for setting the long- and short-term policy of the company. The board elects and establishes the compensation for the chief executive officer and other officers of the corporation. It is also the responsibility of the board of directors to decide if dividends are to be paid to shareholders and the amount of the dividends.

¬†Corporations frequently seek individuals, such as William Mulrow, who have established themselves as successful executives with other companies. Mulrow’s reputation for achievement in the private and public sectors have led to several board positions.